About Us

Who is the team behind RE-Avail? 

We are Outdoorsmen.

We work hard and in turn we play hard. We lead lives filled with adrenaline, thrills, adventure and all of the amazing things that the rocky mountain landscape has to offer us. Depending on the season there is always something for us to do whether is it is skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting or snowmobiling you can find us smiling and laughing under a clear bluebird sky. 

And yes... we also enjoy a cold glass of local beer. 

Our team is beyond passionate about real estate and the power it has to create financial independence. We don't just preach it but we do it ourselves and fill our cup by helping others along the same path. 

No one is a customer in our eyes, we see everyone as a relationship and only want to figure out a way to help them along their journey and accomplish their real estate goals whether they are buying, selling, or just needing a place to rent. 

We strive to help real estate investors grow their portfolios and maximize their rental income while creating long lasting relationships with tenants and making sure they love where they live. 

Our goal is to raise the bar for the real estate and property management industry. We take pride in the work we do and are not afraid to back it up. Doing right by others is not always the easiest or most convenient path to take but it is the path we take every time. 

Give us a call and get to know us, you won't be disappointed. 


RE-Avail Property Group 

Taylor & Billy